Local Food Summit: Counts as a Town Hall; Volunteer hours also possible

Feb 19 2018, 9:00am - 5:00pm EST

Slow Food Huron Valley is organizing a Local Food Summit on Monday, Feb. 19. Details are TBA, but if you attend at least part of this event, it can count in lieu of one Town Hall Meeting for students in EDUC 362. See www.localfoodsummit.org for updates.

There are also opportunities to volunteer for this event. In itself there are probably not enough hours to meet the 15 hour service requirement for EDUC 362 students, but if you wish to volunteer, you may combine your hours spent at this event with hours spent serving at another organization. Those interested in volunteering need to fill out this form.

The advance reading for this event is the Slow Food Companion Guide



Haley Carpenter