Legality of Marijuana

Currently in Michigan, Marijuana is legal for medical purposes only and cannot be used recreationally. Throughout the state, there are many dispensaries making marijuana readily available for patients use. ( All of this legalization of marijuana is a recent trend and an extensive amount of science research has been conducted. There have been both pros and cons from the legalization of marijuana. Some include very sick patients getting pain relief and some cons include people scheming for medical cards and receiving marijuana when they do not need it. ( Lastly, Michigan is one of the highest users of marijuana as a state since over a million people have used in the past year. ( 

From this, it is clear that there might be a correlation between the amount of people who smoke marijuana and the legality of marijuana in the Michigan. Our youth is clearly getting involved in the use of marijuana from these laws put in place since it is relatively easy to get a medical marijuana license in the state of Michigan.

Questions to consider…

Is this law negatively impacting the youth of Michigan making their current health state worse? If you think that marijuana is negatively affecting the youth of Michigan, how could the government change the law to make it harder to get their hands-on marijuana? If you think that it is positively impacting the youth, how could the government make it even more accessible to the youth of Michigan? I look forward to hearing everybody’s response.