Last chance to edit your proposal; Proposal rating begins Tuesday

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Today and tomorrow are the last days to edit your proposal before the rating period begins.

Proposal rating and discussion begins Tuesday, April 7 and will continue through Saturday, April 11. During the proposal rating period, all editing of proposals must stop so that everyone is rating and discussing the same proposals. You will be allowed to edit your proposals again after the rating period is over, so if you have ideas for changes or additions, please hold onto them and make the changes after April 11.

Instructions about the rating period will be included in an announcement Tuesday morning.

The platform will be finalized on April 12, based on the cumulative ratings and recommendations from the TCs and faculty. The plan for the hearing is as follows:

Authors of proposals chosen to be in the platform will then each need to make a brief (no more than 3 minutes) video presenting their proposal. These can be as simple as a set of slides with recorded narration. The hearing itself will be conducted on Zoom on April 22. Panelists will have time to view each video, and after each video the author(s) will have one minute to introduce themselves and make a brief additional comment if desired. Then there will be 4 minutes for the panelists to have a Q&A with the author(s).

Please be ready to work on a video the week of April 12, should your proposal be chosen for the platform. We will want a draft or at least a script by April 15, so that we can give you feedback, with a hard deadline of April 20 for the final videos.