Kid's Food Basket: A Model to Follow

"One in five Michigan children is food insecure. Teachers witness students failing to thrive due to poor nutrition. A lack of consistent, nutritious food limits cognitive development and leaves kids unable to concentrate in school. Additionally, without healthy food, children can demonstrate behavioral issues like irritability, aggression, and anxiety."

"More than 338,000 children in Michigan live in households that were food insecure at some point during the year"

These are quotes from the Kid's Food Basket website, which is a non-profit in Grand Rapids that is dedicated to fighting childhood hunger. KFB is the largest organization in Michigan focuses on the battle against hunger by delivering 7,500 sack suppers per day.

They bring these meals to schools with many children who would otherwise go home hungry. During the day these children receive either free or reduced cost lunch while they are at school. However, in order to be able to stay focused, do homework, and remain on track with other kids, a nutritious dinner is essential.

This organization is incredibly successful in everything that it does in the fight against hunger and should be used as a model for the rest of Michigan and the U.S. There is an extension page on their website to learn about how you can implement the Kids' Food Basket model across America. This idea is donation based, but what if it could be turned into a state run program? Or is it only feasible that something like this can exist if it is funded privately by donations?

Would it be possible to extend the model of this non-profit across the state? If it became a state funded program, would it seem ridiculous that the government would basically be providing these kids with 2 main meals per day (including the either free or reduced price lunch at school)?