#KFBGoOrange- Does Social Media Work?

I recently found an article about West Michigan community members who are teaming up with Kids’ Food Basket for “Go Orange Day.” According to the article every March, Kids’ Food Basket promotes the color orange because it is the national color for childhood hunger awareness. The event is being promoted through social media and the hash tag #KFBGoOrange, and participants are asked to share photos. In addition to social media, they have partnered with local restaurants participating in “Dine out for Go Orange” in the week leading up to the Go Orange Day. These restaurants vouched to donate part of the proceeds from each night’s sales to Kids’ Food Basket.

Kids’ Food Basket has been around for the past 15 years, and delivers sack suppers to schools so students don’t have to be hungry when they go home. One out of every five West Michigan children are affected by hunger, and they organization says, “Hunger is both a symptom and a cause of poverty. And by providing healthy, good, nourishing evening meals each and every day, we can help kids succeed, both in school and in life.” Kids’ Food Basket serves 36 schools in Kent County and six schools between Holland and Muskegon, each school having over 70% of the kids living in poverty.

So far in this group we have discussed various programs around Michigan that are aiming to help children who are going home hungry. For the purpose of this post:

Do you think that hash tags on social media can effectively raise awareness for child hunger in Michigan?

What are examples of other organizations that have used social media and effectively raised awareness?

How could those tactics be applied to hunger in Michigan?

Do you think wearing a certain color, like orange, to raise awareness is effective, why or why not?

Is it the job of local community members and business owners to support programs like these, or should it be a state matter?