Juvenile Lifers

While attending my sister's convocation from UPenn this past year the speaker they brought in was a renowned lawyer who has been fighting for juvenile rights across the country especially for minorities. One shocking fact that he mentioned was that the state of Pennsylvania has the highest number of Juveniles being sentenced to life in prison. After doing some research I was shocked by what I found. It is still an ongoing battle to get this removed. 

This is a little more about what is happening in Pennsylvania: https://www.cor.pa.gov/About%20Us/Initiatives/Pages/Juvenile-Lifers-Information.aspx

However, this then leads me to research how Juvenile sentencing works in Michigan. To my dismay, the state of Michigan gives the chance for juveniles to be free however, they are taking their time doing so. There is still 55% of juveniles sentenced to a life that is waiting for this chance, despite the ruling to give them the chance being called for over 3 years ago. 

This brings me to my question of should Juveniles be sentenced to life in prison?