Juvenile Detention Center's Provided Education

As of 2015, a shocking 48,000 teens were incarcerated according to the Department of Justice. While "“As a rule of thumb, unless state law says otherwise, children who are locked up are entitled to the same level of services and support in education [as] kids who are not locked up,” he said. “Generally speaking, however, that’s just not the case.”" I could not find Michigan specific statistics or reports of what education is generally provided, however, if it follows the same patterns as this article describes, how can the program be remedied? Is there a way to structure the budget for students to get textbooks, paper, and actual teachers for all levels? Is this something we should be focused on? What are the resources for students to reenter the regular education system? Are there mental health specialists that can work with juveniles to address mental health disorders to make them better able to learn both in and out of the system?