It may seem obvious to many...

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It may seem obvious to many that moving from school to school would only hurt ones education, however, when your original school's conditions are dangerously bad and your teacher is being replaced every few months, nearly anything would be an upgrade. As the article describes, parents are admitting to moving their children from school to school in hopes of finding them a better and more stable educational site. However, moving around so much does affect children in other ways as well. I believe that switching schools may be a temporary help, however, almost all schools in Detroit are facing major academic downfalls, so it may be very hard to find a better education no matter where you turn. This idea is extremely concerning to me and i'm sure every parent who's children are currently enrolled in Detroit public schools. This problem stems from the lack of funds schools have as well as the way they are allocated. How many more problems can Detroits schools face? What affect do you think moving from school to school will have on these students? How can we start to fix these issues?