Issue Areas open Friday; Town Halls; Service Activity

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Moving from Provocations to Issue Areas

Thanks to all who have contributed to the wealth of Provocations. At this point, if you have already posted one or more Provocations of your own, please spend time examining and discussing the Provocations that have been posted so far.

This Friday, Provocations discussions will wind down and discussion in issue areas will begin. The eight issue areas will allow for more focused, in-depth discussion of problems and challenges facing students of all ages across Michigan. Eventually you will choose one area where you will develop your media artifact and proposal, but you don’t need to choose yet -- please explore and participate in multiple areas and keep an open mind.

As you dive deeper into your discussions, please hold back from proposing solutions -- your task right now is to look for the problems behind the problems, and ask lots of questions. (What kind of problem is this -- economic, political, social, legal, ethical, educational? Who is -- or who should be -- responsible? How did this situation come about? How widespread is this problem, and does it happen equally in different parts of Michigan and for different groups of people? What institutions or organizations are addressing this problem or those like it? What aspects are unique to Michigan, and how does the situation in Michigan compare to that in other states? Etc.)

At the same time, make every effort to have back-and-forth conversations -- don’t post stand-alone mini-essays! From the EDUC 362 syllabus: “Good discussion posts may reference related ideas within or outside the MSC; they may offer alternative perspectives or relevant background information; they may provide specific suggestions for improving ideas, they may broaden or narrow the scope of proposal, and they may constructively point out weaknesses or inconsistencies.”

Town Halls

We are continuing to post “Counts as a Town Hall” events. EDUC 362 students, please be sure to read the event listings carefully, and note especially that you must email the instructors with a brief summary of take-aways within three days of attending a town hall.

UM students are encouraged especially to attend this Friday’s event, “Entering, Engaging & Exiting Communities,” hosted by UM’s Ginsberg Center, as it will help you make the most of your service experience. Be sure to register via the Ginsberg Center’s site as well as indicating your attendance in the MSC site’s event listing.

EDUC 362 students: Service activity must start by Oct. 1

UM students, if you haven’t already done so, please start working on arrangements for your service activity right away. There are many organizations to choose from in the list of approved service opportunities, but if you are encountering difficulties, please contact the instructors right away.