Analyzing the need for labor unions in modern America

Hi everyone,

I recently read this opinion piece in the New York times which supports the comeback of labor unions within the US, especially those connected with manufacturing jobs.  The article states that "Workers are in a position to demand a greater share of a company‚Äôs success. Employment in the industry has surged, adding more jobs in 2018 than in any year in the previous three decades. Major manufacturers like Caterpillar have earned record profits, and companies have brought back to the United States a record 300,000 manufacturing jobs from overseas in the past two years, after realizing hidden costs of transportation and poor quality."

I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts on the issue and whether or not unions or the best way to ensure equity for all workers.  What other ideas or potential substitutes could be employed to solve similar issues?  Would workers be better off without unionization completely?  How can employers and labor represenatatives best work to resolve disputes?