Alex Jones "Banned from the Internet" (Censorship)

Recently, right-wing InforWars founder Alex Jones was banned from Facebook, Apple, Youtube, Twitter, Spotify, and more. Infowars is. far-right news website. His accounts, all with millions of followers and downloads, were taken down by each respective company, and one could argue that he was essentially scrubbed from the social media centric Internet most users are a part of. All companies claim that he violated their terms and conditions multiple times with "abusive" and "untruthful" postings. 

Without considering your political views, what does this say about free speech? Do these companies have a right to selectively decide who uses their platform? Are they acting as the hero for us all, banning a man who simply shares hate? One could instead argue that by having these companies remove certain opinions from their platforms, we are only discouraging public discourse, often called one of the most important pillars of democracy. Alex Jones may be a bigot who makes outlandish claims, but should he have a right to share those claims? Beyond that, are we treating these issues equally on both sides of the political spectrum?

These are just a few of the many discussions and questions that could be had from this incredibly interesting situation.

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