The influence of social media platforms on social movements

Recently there has been much debate about whether social media platforms amplify the effects of social movements—for both better and worse. Many claim that social media is harmful to our society when it comes to social movements because its amplifies them rapidly and can make them more violent than ever. On the other hand, many think it is beneficial that movements can be spread at the touch of a button because it helps further legislation and change by policy makers.

Do you believe that social media has more benefits or harms when it comes to the influence of social movements? Do you think people get more violent when using social media?

In addition to this debate, sometimes people feel that social media platforms filter their feeds and can make one social movement seem more important than another. For example, Facebook provides adds and "suggested" pages and friends based on your recent searches and mutual friends. Twitter lets you preview the posts of the additional followers of the people whom you already follow. With that being said, do you think some social movements are losing steam/importance because of this? What are your thoughts on this controversy?