Important notes about tomorrow's MSC hearing

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Thanks to everyone for getting your videos in on time -- they look and sound great. We’ve made a Google Doc with links to the videos and (for proposals officially in the platform) the full formal proposal text; that doc has been sent to the panelists.

Here’s how the hearing will go tomorrow:

  1. Gavel in by Rep. Sarah Anthony (District 68)

  2. Introduction of Panel

  3. Introduction of Topic Coordinators

  4. Brief overview of MSC

  5. Presentation of Proposals in Platform; for each

    • Video presentation (3 min.)

    • Brief remark by author (1 min.)

    • Questions/comments from panel (4 min.)

The “brief summary remark by author” can be as simple as “Thank you very much for taking the time to listen to my proposal on XXXXX, which is something I care about deeply. I would love to hear your reactions and answer any questions you may have.”


A few more items about the hearing:

  1. The Zoom meeting link is: (Dial in: 312-626-6799 Meeting ID: 227 148 537)

  2. Please join the meeting no later than 11:55am, so you have time to make sure your technology is working properly. Presenters, be sure to test your audio.

  3. You will be muted automatically when you enter the meeting. Please stay muted except when speaking (and remember to unmute yourself to speak).

  4. Keep your video on throughout the hearing (unless you are having bandwidth issues) and listen actively. Having a “room” full of visibly attentive participants is important to emphasize that the platform represents the whole Caucus and to show support for each presenter.

  5. During the hearing, please leave questions and comments to the panelists. You are welcome to make comments in the platform doc after the hearing.

  6. Take notes during the hearing. An important part of your final portfolio is take-aways from the hearing. This can include questions from the panel that surprised or impressed you.

  7. Dress is business casual (no t-shirts, sweatshirts, or hats please).