Important MSC Dates

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January 14          Mandatory Orientation from 7:00-8:30 pm in Schorling Auditorium, 1202 School of Education; MSC activity begins immediately after orientation.

January 14-27     Provocations  discussion.

January 28    Syllabus Quiz due (on Canvas)

January 29             Issue discussions begin.

February 3           Service activity must begin by this date.

February 7    Service check-in due on Canvas (faculty will post responses there)

Feb 16         Media Artifact due. Begin posting reactions to artifacts by others.

Feb. 17- 26    Proposal Check meeting with faculty (by appointment)

Feb. 22    Primary Persona and POV Statement due

Feb. 28    Three possible solutions due.

Feb. 29-Mar. 8    Spring break

March 27    First Draft of proposal due (all sections)

April 6       Final Draft of proposal due

Apr. 7 - 11   Rating of proposals and related discussion.

April 12    Platform finalized

April 15   Hearing presentation drafts due

April 20   Hearing presentation videos due in final form.

April 22    House Commission hearing (via Zoom)

April 29            Final summary/portfolio due by midnight.