As i'm sure most of you...

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As i'm sure most of you have recently heard, there has been a crazy college admission scandal all over the news. This scandal has caused many college campuses to take immediate action and release statements as to why they would never do such things. The University of Michigan released a statement as well. I can definitely say I have had my reservations about this University and who they accept all the time. There are a multitude of stories that go around about people being accepted due to legacy and not grades, and many other unfair reasons, such as things like large donations. However, the statement released by this University proves otherwise. Michigan claims they "use a comprehensive, holistic approach to review every candidate for admission to identify a talented, diverse class of students who will flourish on our campus." I am not saying i believe this in its entirety, but I do feel that when it comes to most students on this campus, this process is certainly used. However, i'm sure there are multiple cases, similar to the one in the news recently, that have allowed people to get into this University for reasons other than academics. This seems a bit unfair to me, what do you guys think?