Reflecting on Caucus and Highlighting Dhruv and Cameron

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I wanted to take this time to reflect on my experience in caucus this semester. I got the opportunity to take this class from a different perspective, rather than writing the proposal myself, I got to watch and help you guys go through the process of perfecting your individual plans. This was super cool because despite these crazy times that we are living through, you all made such amazing progress in working on editing your proposals and narrowing down your big ideas into a compact, information-filled and persuasive proposal that really could aid the lives of many across the state if passed! This is really impressive because each and every one of you were tackling such large and important issues. When thinking about issues that are a priority for students in Michigan, education and healthcare really are the two main sectors that come to mind. I think the topics covered in these sectors from special needs education to tackling literacy rates to increasing vaccination, were all very relevant and important issues to discuss. I think the most valuable aspects that each of you should have taken from this process was first, how to form a persuasive argument that is supported by information. Second, how to bring such a large issue to a smaller, more relatable scale by creating a persona and POV, thus personifying the issue, which makes it seem more worthy. And lastly, I think the most important thing to carry from taking this course is the general awareness that legislation and public policy aren’t perfect and there truly are countless issues across each state and the country as a whole that we must work towards tackling in order to better the lives of everyone. This course made me realize how fortunate I am in the grand scheme of things and how, unfortunately, that is not the case for so many students and people.

I wanted to highlight both Cameron’s and Dhruv’s proposal that both really opened my eyes. Cameron, I think your cause is one that is extremely worthy and important. I admire how you took a specific service that the state provides and looked for a way to improve it. At the end of the day, it is important that each member of society has access to the basic needs that are needed to live. You clearly did your research in finding out all of the information on what already exists, then seeing the flaws in the status-quo and then drafting a way to fill those holes. I really enjoyed your unique solution and appreciated how it was backed by the sufficient evidence needed in order to make your point valid. When reading your proposal, I see close to no counterarguments against it which is something that is very difficult to achieve. Dhruv, I wanted to highlight your proposal as well because I think you choose a very out of the box and quite difficult issue to tackle and did an incredible job in doing so. Infrastructure is definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about issues that pertain to Michigan students, but your Persona and POV made me feel differently. I think these parts of your proposal were very effective, making the argument that people want to work, but simply don’t have access to the location of a job is very valid and an important issue to consider. Your out of the box thinking of employing a private corporation to tackle this issue was very smart and eliminated the facet of funding which is clearly a major issue across the state. Furthermore, I really admired watching your revisions from start to finish on this proposal. You really centered your idea and did extensive research to support the possibility of implementing this proposal to every small detail. I really enjoyed watching and helping you along the way.

I know that I just highlighted two proposals, but everyone in this caucus should be very proud of the work that they have done. It is not easy to tackle such wide-reaching, enormous issues and you all did a great job in doing so. I hope everyone is excited to see your hard work pay off at the caucus. I am really looking forward to that too.

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