South Caroline college girl killed by mistaken Uber driver

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I wanted to share this article, as it really relates to all of us college students here. I'm sure most of you have heard about it already, but if you haven't it's very upsetting and I think important to recognize and talk about, as it can really happen to anyone. A young college girl at the University of South Carolina was murdered, after mistaking a car for her Uber driver. Her body was found 65 miles away from campus by two hunters on Friday. This is extremely scary and is not the first time this has happened. With things like this having occurred before, whether it be the actual Uber driver or a mistaken one, you would think things would be done especially with the Uber app, to figure out a better way to ensure driver-rider safety. With that being said, I am curious to hear people's thoughts and ideas on this matter. How can we prevent things like this from happening again? Is Uber responsible for situations like these? Should the riders be more cautious and careful, making sure that the Uber driver and car matches the description on the app? I look forward to hearing people's opinions!