Downfall of Apple?

I recently had my AirPods stolen and decided to purchase new ones. I realized that the new version had just been released and thought that I could get the old version for a cheaper price. This turned out to be wrong. Not because Apple didn’t lower the price of the original version but because they discontinued it altogether. To me this appears to be a strategic move to force consumers to continue paying the high price of $159.99. This has been a pattern for Apple as of recent. Their new iPhone offerings have been almost identical to the older version and has led to a sales decrease in iPhones. Consumers are starting to realize that there is very little difference between an iPhone X and an iPhone Xs. This has forced Apple to expand into different markets like wearable technology, streaming services, credit cards, and others. Will Apple be successful in these markets? Could the fact that consumers are noticing that there is very little difference in new versions of a product be the downfall of Apple?