Top three infrastructure needs facing Michigan

I read a very interesting article that outlines the current state of Michigan's infrastructure system including roadways, tunnels, bridges, trains, and waterways. A recent high-tech study conducted by Lyft Level 5 named Michigan the state with the nation’s worst roadways. This is detrimental because our infrastructure is all tied together – underfunding in one area leads to infrastructure issues in all areas. Some of the effects of poor infrastructure include an increased number of accidents, traffic, inefficiency leading to higher prices, a fall in productivity leading to job loss and more. This shows that poor infrastructure can have wide-reaching effects on the lives of Michigan residents. This article states that "With improved, modern roads, each driver could easily save $100-$200 annually on direct vehicle costs. Moreover, a $1.6 billion investment in state highways and bridge infrastructure annually would create or sustain 18,000 jobs, driving $1.5 billion annually in real personal income." This shows that this is a crucial issue that must be addressed by the state.

What do you guys think? How can the state gather funds to improve the current state of our infrastructure? Is an investment in infrastructure a worthy investment? Could this be something worthy of a proposal?