Gun control in the US

Josh Norris's picture I know this is a touchy subject, but I feel it's one that doesn't get talked about enough for the significant impact that it has. Gun control in the US isn't as strict as it is in other places with lower gun-related deaths, and personally I believe the law should make it much harder for Americans or people living in the US to get guns. Yes, a large problem with mass shootings or people who want to cause harm with their own guns typically have mental health issues, so you could blame it on that. But wouldn't the number of deaths by gun-related problems go down if those people didn't have or couldn't get those guns? The less guns, the less deaths. The more guns, the more deaths. There was a stat from the attached link that in Australia, where the government passed the National Firearm agreement in 1996, and after that, the annual number of gun-related homicides decreased from 516 to 211. I just think we're safer with less guns. That's just my personal opinion, I would like to hear what you guys think.