Surveillance camera safety

I found this article on the Michigan Daily, which discusses how Detroit has joined the growing list of cities implementing surveillance cameras as a tactic in their efforts to reduce crime. The Project Green Light program allows businesses to pay a fee to have surveillance cameras stream directly into city police facilities. Police then monitor the footage, aiming to catch crime and then track down and arrest the suspects. The Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan who was the one who implemented this program, is looking to expand it even more and has shared that it has already been a major factor in the city's crime reduction. However, some say there has been no research backing the idea that crime has been reduced directly to this surveillance system being implemented. I'm curious to hear what people have to say about this matter. Do you think surveillance cameras throughout an entire city reduces crime? How so? Is it because people know they can get caught very easily? Or if they're "smart" they will just go to a place that is most certainly not under cameras? Also, do these surveillance cameras make people feel safer? In the city of Ann Arbor, would you guys feel safer if you knew there were surveillance cameras on every street? I look forward to hearing people's thoughts on these questions!