Student disabilities in school districts

I found this article that is extremely interesting and very relevant to my proposal. It discusses how in the state of Oregon, school districts are not equipped and do not have the resources or programs to diagnose or even help students suffering with behavioral, mental or emotional disorders in the education environment. Rather than helping them, they will send them over after acting out in school. This usually makes the students with these behavioral issues and disabilities feel that they don't belong in school. A lawsuit came about charging the state of Oregon for failing to provide full schooling days to these students because of what they have been doing. They have violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, Rehabilitation Act and the Individual with Disabilities Education Act by unnecessary segregation of children with disabilities. I was curious to see what people think about this matter. What programs do you think can be implemented to help these disabled children in schools? What better ways are there to control all of this? How can schools get funding to in order to implement these programs? I'm curious to see what people have to say, since my proposal is on mental health in Michigan and how it is significantly worse than overall in the United States, and I have been thinking of programs and resources that can be done in school districts state wide.