Proposal Feedback: Sexual Assault Reporting

Ali Ahmed's picture

I believe Josie's proposal targets a high impact issue for students and I urge other members of the caucus to take a look at her proposal. This proposal is the only one under the category of gender and social rights and I agree that more steps need to be taken to increase sexual assault reporting. Some notable elements of her proposal are the diverse and in depth consultations: Josie had the chance to speak with a SAPAC representative as well as a police detective. Her solution outlines increasing SVU's on campuses and increasing timeliness of response times to sexual assault cases. An area that could use more clarity is the basis for allocating more SVU's to different communities. How can we ensure that funding for these additional units will be advantageous and how much more training will be required for each department? Hope to hear other people's thoughts on this proposal as it is the only one tackling a relevant issue in the gender and social rights category.