Town Hall Meeting Reflection

I am not exactly sure that this fits into this category but after attending the town hall meeting regarding the re-vitalization of Detroit I am intrigued by how businesses are offering those positions to join the workforce. Given that within the last 10 years, Detroit was a terrible place to live and work, filled with a lot of crime, those who were convicted and incarcerated are having a huge problem re-joining the workforce. Just by sitting there today I learned that 1 and 3 people in Detroit does not have a job. While I understand that it is not a simple task to join the work force, regardless of the situation, that means that 33% of the people living in Detroit are unemployed for a large variety of reasons. It is just upsetting to me that people can be punished for their actions, be released after their served time and still not be able to pave their own way in the world. Also, being a student in the business school, it was interesting to hear that many companies are not willing to hire those who do not have a strong background in life and or the industry. So my last thoughts on the subject are, to what extent should businesses hold back on hiring those who have been incarcerated? If you where a business owner, what would it take for you to hire someone who has been imprisoned?