Proposal Feedback: Air Pollution in Michigan

Michael Sands's picture

I absolutely was blown away and really enjoyed this proposal. This is a really important issue for everyone and it is ignored too often. The strong proposal started with an interesting and relevant persona. The three solutions are extremely thorough. All three solutions are obviously well thought out and all could be implemented in reality. I found these solutions especially interesting since they all supplement each other and could be established in tandem. They also are not too far fetched and are actually feasible. In my opinion, your consultations are the strong point of the proposal. All 4 individuals that Isaiah choose are extremely qualified to speak on the subject and your conversations yielded amazing results. I especially liked the consultation with Mitchell Dudley. Not only did he make good points regarding the cap and trade solution, but he also was my freshman professor. Still, all 4 consultations are super detailed and, especially in consultation 4, it is obvious that Isaiah conducted prior research. While the research process section further proves this, it is clear to the reader before reaching that section. The proposal finished strong with three counterarguments that I saw to be relevant. I did not realize that the solutions could potentially hurt businesses, but I am glad that the proposal included that information. Without the counterarguments, my view on the topic and solutions would be warped and I would be misinformed. Overall, this was a well-designed proposal and one can tell that it is the product of hard work. I am glad that Isaiah choose an interesting topic, and put his heart into it. Best, Michael