HUGE News for PFAS in Michigan!

On Tuesday of last week, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer called for Michigan's environmental agency to create water standards for specific toxic chemicals instead of waiting for the EPA's federal guidelines. Michigan is exercising its state's rights and tackling the PFAS issue directly. Whitmer wants to lead the nation against PFAS, but wants to do it backed by science and facts. Currently, the EPA's health advisory, emphasis on advisory, threshold is 70 parts per trillion. The EPA doesn't get involved or regulate anything past that threshold, it is simply a health advisory that this amount of PFAS in drinking water is dangerous. To show how absurd that number is, a democratic-sponsered bill which hasn't been put up for a vote yet in the GOP-led legislature is putting a 5 parts per trillion ceiling on PFAS. That is 14 times the federal advisory! This is really big stuff regarding PFAS and just in time for Logan and I's proposal. Without an agreed upon limit, there can be no official regulation. Although preliminary, this is huge for regulating PFAS.