Josh Norris's picture I found this article about legendary MMA fighter Anderson Silva and instantly I related to it personally. It talks about how a gruesome injury that occurred to him affected his life for the better and how he was able to use that platform to show more love and passion not only for fighting, but for life in general. I can relate to this personally because I'm currently going through rehab for my shoulder that I had surgery on a couple weeks ago. It's been about a month or so since I last played hockey and I miss it a ton. I can already see how this injury will help me in the long run; to not take things for granted and to just be grateful that you're able to do something everyday that you love. I think this article can relate to a lot of problems today because many times, whether it be sports related or just in the business side of the world, people have setbacks and have situations that turn out the opposite of what they wanted it to be, and because of that it hurts them because they don't know how to bounce back from a negative situation. So, I think this is just a great article to show how a negative situation was turned positive through love and passion.