Safety issues with Greek Life

The article above discusses a very hotly debated topic, Greek life. Greek life has seemed to have more and more negative press in recent years. It has been target for being a source of elitism and racism (like the bus video incident at Oklahoma) but what I want to focus on with this discussion is its reputation for being extremely dangerous, and sometimes life threatening to the students that participate in Greek Life. The article above starts by telling stories about a few young men who consumed an outrageous amount of alcohol and died as a result of fraternal traditions. Stories like these certainly make one wonder about the responsibility of today's youth and whether they can handle the social conditions that come from being in a fraternity or sorority. As someone who participates in Greek Life, I hate to see a few bad stories tarnish its reputation. However, you cannot deny the fact that it seems as though an abnormal amount of Greek Life-related alcohol poisoning cases as have been occurring lately. My questions to caucus are...

1) Why do you think these incidents occur?

2) Is Greek Life no good, or does it just need a culture change?

3) What laws/policies could impact the decision making of fraternities and sororities when dealing with cases of potential alcohol poisoning? (Like immunity)

4) Is Greek Life too unsafe to survive on college campuses for much longer?

I'm curious to hear your opinions. As someone who would hate to see Greek life go, I would like this discussion to be about ways in which we can reverse this trend and make Greek Life safer for the students who participate in it. However, If you disagree with this sentiment, I would like to hear your thoughts on why you think Greek Life should go away.