Today, the lame duck commissioner of the FDA, Scott Gottlieb, restricted the sales of flavored e-cigarettes to try and reduce the alarming rate of teenage vaping. The rate at which teenagers have been abusing e-cigarettes, such as the JUUL, are extremely horrifying. In a recent survey, 3.6 million high schoolers admitted to vaping in the past year. This is a horrible trend that is only getting worse and we need to figure out how to stop this. In the fall of 2018, Dr. Gottlieb issued a crackdown on teenage vaping, and threatened e-cigarette companies to stop producing flavored pods which attracted young kids. For example, last fall JUUL stopped selling their widely popular mango flavor because of this crackdown. After doing some research, I am not convinced that this new ban will do anything. I feel that this move is a bit too late, as many people are now addicted to vaping and cannot stop. What makes Dr. Gottlieb think that the flavored pods are the only problem? In the article, it mentioned that the FDA will track youth use of menthol and mint flavored e-cigarettes. Dr. Gottlieb also mentioned that if these flavors become too popular the FDA will consider exemption. Does anyone else feel a bit confused from that statement? How can they track youth use of menthol? No "youth" is technically buying these e-cigarettes. What does anyone else think of this statement?