Michigan expected to recoup 7,000 legal marijuana jobs lost in 2019, insider says

You would think that the legalization of marijuana would have created more jobs across the state, but this is not exactly what happened. The legalization of Marijuana created tighter restrictions and regulations across the state. Government reps cracked down on distributors, retailers, and growers of marijuana causing almost 15000 jobs in this industry to be lost for legal issues. This article explains that 7000 of these jobs will be recouped as licenses become approved. 

“As the state has moved to create a more highly regulated system for both medical and adult-use sales, hundreds of those formerly legal dispensaries (provisioning centers) have either closed or moved into a non-legal existence.”

Since Leafly’s annual jobs count only includes legal jobs, Barcott said Michigan took a “big hit” in 2019, losing an estimated 7,000 legal marijuana industry jobs.

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