Airplane Activity and Global Warming 

Millions of flights each day efficiently transport members of the international community to desired locations for work or social necessities and anything in between. While transportation by airplanes is a crucial practice for such vast majority of the population, it is in the hands of the human population to curb the disregard for the status of the environment.

With the worsening global warming, air travel is becoming increasingly dangerous and difficult, sending the entirety of the industry into distress. With this problematic situation, airlines have been forced to alter their light paths to avoid the increasingly hot temperatures for the safety of all on board. Along with this, is the influx of cancellations due to heat waves, causing planes to have to stay grounded or even emergency land, all because of global warming. Do others believe this is something to be seriously worried about?

What can be done to slow the progression of increasing temperatures globally?

Will this effect companies in which sponsor services such as drinks, food, and entertainment on the airlines?