Racial Disparity

When it comes to the question of crimina justice, I think the topic of race must be considered.

According to the Department of Justice, black youth in this country are five times more likely to be detained or committed compared to white youth. This is startling in itself. 

Despite perceived progress in terms of racial equity in some spheres of society, this disparity has actually increased in the past two decades. In 2007, black youth were four times as likely to be incarcerated as their white counterparts. Futher, juvenile facilities and detenction centers are comprised 44% by African Americans, despite them only making up approximately 16% of the actual population. In Michigan, black youth are incarcerated 4.99x more times than their white counterparts, which is in line with the national average.

Do you think this is an issue of communities, or is there a potential bias in our police or justice system? 


Other questions to consider:

- Should we be incarcerating our society's youth in general, or should we be committed to other courses of action?