How Social Media Led to a Terrorist Attack in New Zealand


As many of you have probably heard about, there was a terrorist attack in New Zealand where 49 people, attending mosques, were killed. One of the shooters announced his attack on an anonymous sub-reddit titled 8chan. He posted photos of his guns and a 74 page article that blamed immigration for the displacement of whites in Oceania and other areas. He noted that his attack would bring "a future for white children." He also live-streamed the attack and posted a link to the stream before committing the murders. Sadly, many of the 8chan responses to his attack were celebratory. Users posted congratulatory Nazi memes and supportive comments. However, these sites are tough to monitor as most of the posts stem from irony or "trolling." Users claim that they post these white-supremacist jokes to "get a rise out of those who aren't in the know." This makes it hard to decipher what individuals "really mean" by their words and actions. Will they actually commit a murder or is it just a sick joke? Do you think America should censor this types of sites that might encourage violent behavior? Or do you think that freedom of speech should allow this sites to persist as most of the postings don't have harmful intent? Should tech companies make censorship a priority?