Home-school vs. Traditional Education

In 2015, Pennsylvania relaxed some of its previously extremely strict home-schooling laws contending that parents intending to home-school their children are motivated and dedicated.  This state, like many have had extremely high requirements to legally home-school their children. The more strict states include; Massachusetts, New york, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Pennsylvania. In these strict states, it is required to give notice to the state and have curriculums laid out and approved by state officials.  There is also the potential for home-visits to be done. Michigan, however, stands in the very minimal regulation required pool.  There needs to be be no notice to the school districts regarding homeschooling. 

Personally, I have friends who have been homeschooled all of their lives and had much different curriculums and learning objectives than I did in school. Additionally, I know people who were far more advanced than whatwas being offered in traditional schools and therefore their parents chose to pursue their education outside of the classroom. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts regarding home-schooling. Do you think homeschooling should be allowed? What are the benefits and cons of these programs?  Do you think that students are equally as prepared for further education after this? What sorts of programs should be implemented to help home-schooled children?