High Amounts of PFAs and Dioxane in Michigan Water

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I think that the High Amounts of PFAs and Dioxane in Michigan Water proposal by Noah Greenbaum should be strongly considered for the panel. In terms of relevancy, after everything that happened in Flint, water quality in Michigan's lakes has been a primary topic in the news. Thus, any viable solutions to help in fixing the water quality should be heavily considered. Looking at Noah's proposal, I believe there is a quality solution that would benefit Michigan greatly.

When mentioning the jurisdiction, he notes that 100% of drinking water should be regulated instead of 75%. This may cost money, but if more people were to findout that only 75% of Michigan's drinking water is regulatd by the state, there would be an uproar from the people. Additionally, his notion of a task force being made would enforce the jurisdiction and let people know that this issue is being taken care of. Finally, his 2 year grace period that was mentioned in the proposal allows people to adjust to the new jurisdiciton and be assured clean water during the time period that the task force is being made.