Michigan Curriculums: Playing Catch-Up (Dylan and Stevie)

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Hi everyone, I wanted to share the proposal Michigan Curriculums: Playing Catch-Up written by Dylan Dorfman and Stevie Weingard. This proposal should be shared and heard by the state at the hearing, as this proposal clearly outlines the problem and gives feasible solutions to an important issue Michigan is facing. Stevie and Dylan both seem to have a wealth of knowledge on this topic and seem to have spoken to many people. Their detailed consultations combined with their service activity which allows them to see this issue with their own eyes only makes me further believe that they should share their knowledge. They do a great job of explaining the issue and have proposed some intelligent and well thought out solutions. Their perambulatory clauses include the perfect amount of information, and allows the reader to paint an accurate picture of the situation with the quantitive data provided. This proposal demonstrates creativity and passion for the issue because it seems to me that they have clearly spent a lot of time trying to propose solutions to this issue, as they have spent many hours at the Peace Neighborhood Center. I think you guys have a great chance to present and hope you can. Good luck and great job!