Hearing date; Three solutions due Oct. 28

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Our hearing date has been confirmed as follows:

Wednesday, December 12, 9:00 - 11:00 AM

Location: State Capitol Building in Lansing, Room 426

Please note that attendance is mandatory for all UM MSC members.


Now that you have framed your problem from the point of view of your persona, your key task for this week is to create at least three different, contrasting solutions that could address the problem for that person in some way. At this point, the goal is to generate as many different kinds of potential solutions as possible -- withhold judgment about your own ideas, and don’t worry about feasibility yet. Dream big!

You don’t have to limit yourself to three solutions (more is great!), and you can always change and add to them later, but be sure to have at least three posted on your proposal document by the end of the day this Sunday, October 28. You only need a brief description (a few sentences) with key points for each potential solution. Right now, having a lot of potential solutions is more important than elaborating any of them in great detail.

(From the EDUC 362 syllabus) Addressing the Problem: Three Potential Solutions

Having defined the problem you intend to address, this step provides you the opportunity to show your ingenuity and breadth of perspective in addressing the problem at hand. We ask that you detail three possible solutions to the problem you’ve identified, and post them in your proposal document.

In outlining your three possible solutions, we want to see evidence that you’ve thought expansively about the nature of the problem, and that you’ve put effort into describing each potential solution clearly enough that each one is credible and distinct from the others. We’re also looking here for evidence that you understand the nuances of the issue you’re addressing well enough that you could articulate solutions that utilize different starting points.

Make sure that you allow yourself enough space to credibly describe each of your potential solutions, and note that you’ll ultimately be choosing one of these solutions, or combining them into the core of your actual proposal.


While you should be focusing more and more on proposals, general discussions in the topic areas should continue, with a special emphasis on making connections among different proposals, investigating issues and questions together, and exchanging ideas. All MSC members should also feel encouraged to comment on other people’s proposals, giving advice and asking questions.

At this stage, your proposals are a “work in progress” -- feel free and indeed encouraged to add, change, and revise frequently!