The hearing and your portfolio

Jeff Stanzler (MSC Faculty)'s picture

Kudos to Wednesday’s presenters, the TCs, and the entire MSC membership for an excellent hearing. That the panel had so many tough questions and pointed critiques is a testament to the fact that you tackled complex, important issues and brought specific, detailed ideas to the table.

Special thanks to the panel, which included:

  • Samantha Harkins, Vice President for Government Relations, Munetrix
  • Dan Horn, Budget and Policy Analyst, Higher Education and Community Colleges, Michigan State Budget Office
  • Mike Latvis, UM-Dearborn Legislative Liaison
  • Rebecca DeVooght, State Relations Director, Office of the Vice-President for Government Relations, UM-Ann Arbor
  • Senator Hoon-Yung Hopgood (6th District)

Your final task is to complete your portfolio and submit it to the “Final Portfolio” assignment in Canvas by 11:59 pm today. The portfolio is a substantial part of your grade in itself, and it also reflects the quality of your caucus work in general, so be sure to put effort into making your portfolio complete, polished, and thoughtful. Don’t forget to include insights you gained at the hearing, citing specific examples to illustrate your points.