Gretchen Whitmer State of Michigan Budget Proposal

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This discussion is based off of the following article:

First off, I want to say that the title of this article is deceiving. Gretchen Whitmer has only proposed this budget plan, and it has not yet been approved by our state congress. After talking with Ann Arbor's state representative Yousef Rabhi, he brought to my attention a couple of things about this budget proposal that a lot of news sources fail to bring up. First off, although a 3.8% increase in spending towards education, this is by no means going to be enough spending for education. Secondly, it's pretty unlikely that the Republican-leaning congress will approve such a "large" increase in state spending, thus there's a great chance that only a portion of this increase will actually happen.

Another notable aspect of Governor Whitmer's proposed budget plan is allocating schools money on a weighted basis instead of Michigan's current system of allocating the same funds, per capita, for everyone. This means that those who have the most need and those who are in need of the most support, such as special education students, ELL students, students lower in socioeconomic status, etc, will be given more money than students who don't face all these challenges.

I've come to notice that the issue with govenrment spending and education is not solely about the fact that the government doesn't allocate our money properly, but also because once this money is allocated schools and higher education institutions are not allocating it equitably. 

Let me know what you all think about my thoughts above, issues of money allocation in governments and schools, and the current state of Michigan's educational system.