Great Lakes Theme Semester Panel Series: Great Lakes Histories - Indigenous Cultures through Common Futures

Feb 24 2020, 5:00pm - 8:00pm EST

This is a public event that can count as a town hall meeting.

“A highlight of the 2020 Great Lakes Theme Semester will be a speaker series surveying key issues confronting the Great Lakes and the peoples who depend upon them. Each session will be structured as a panel of three to four presenters speaking briefly on an aspect of the session’s theme, engaging in dialogue as a panel, and then opening the floor for audience participation. An informal gathering, offering more opportunities for the campus community to interact with the speakers, will follow each session.”

LOCATION: Pendleton Room Michigan Union   Details   Guidelines for participation:
  • You are expected to do the reading and come to the event with a question (inspired by the reading).
  • Out of respect for the speaker, laptops must be closed and mobile devices put away.
  • Since this event is not organized by the MSC, attendance will not be taken. Instead, please write a short email (one or two paragraphs) describing your major take-aways, and send it to within 3 days of the event.



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Carly Armstrong