The Great Lakes Pipeline

The Great Lakes Pipeline has created much conversation in recents years. Because the 645 mile Line 5 pipeline transports 540,000 barrels of crude oil per day, it appears to be a crucial medium of transportation of oil from Canada to the United States. However, the portion of the pipeline running underneath a fifth of the world's fresh water is at high risk for leaking. This concern is furthered through conversations with the engineers who constructed the pipeline over 64 years ago. At the time of construction, the pipeline was built to last only 50 years.

While this pipeline does pose as an integral part of transporting oil in an economic way, I do believe a burst in the pipe would be catastrophic to the great lakes and the economy of cities who neighbor the great lakes. My fear of a burst in the pipe on the lake bed, versus somewhere else on the pipeline, is due to the affect water has on the metal piping. A burst would drastically hurt tourism on the western half of the state.