Gov. Whitmer Proposes $1M to pay off school lunch debt

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This is a great initiative, especially since schools that accept the funding are required to stop any lunch-shaming practices as well. Tennessee considered a bill that would stop lunch-shaming practices such as forcing students to wear wristbands but it ultimately failed. I think this is something that not everyone thinks about but is definitely very important. Students often don't have control over their ability to pay, and the debt they accumulate often prohibits them from participating in other activities. Sen. Minority Leader Jim Ananich proposed a bill as well that stops lunch-shaming practices and also allows school to submit these debts incurred from school lunches to be federally reimbursed rather than absorbing these debts themselves. The bill also encourages philanthropic funds to pay off these debts, rather than schools or leaving the burden on a child who has no control over their ability to pay. I think this is a great bill and it's definitely a step in the right direction for public schools in Michigan. I would imagine that federally reimbursing these debts will cause a lot of commotion and the bill might not pass- I wonder if there are better ways to help public schools pay off these debts and stop lunch-shaming in schools?