Global Warming

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People have long fought over the idea that global warming is actually happening and is actually a threat to planet earth. However, a recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate's Change (IPCC) has created some more discussion about the issue. The report warns that if the world can not stop the temperature from rising 1.5 degrees celcius compared to 2, the effects could be detrimental. 

This raises the question of how can we solve this? This article from Forbes shows how the changes that need to be made to stop global warming may be difficult, but they are necessary. For example, the article urges readers to drive their car as minimally as possible and attempt to reduce the consumption of certain foods. Through hard work, it is possible to combat the increase of global warming.

What are other ways that individuals can work to stop global warming? What are some logical reasons why the idea of global warming is still not accepted as fact? How can society work together to make sure that this doesn't impact everyday life, and how can we publicize this issue and ways to solve it?