The Gig Economy - As my last...

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The Gig Economy As my last post mentions, unpaid internships often shortchange students and can increase the wealth gap. That issue I think is one instance of a broader issue facing young people today: the rise of insecure work. As this Guardian article points out, this phenomena is universal and impacts young people in a number of industrialized nations. As the author describes, “structural changes in the economy have primarily hit the lower end of the job market, the sectors where young workers predominate. Work is different today because of the globalised nature of the economy, the rapid pace of technological change – particularly automation – and the mass casualisation (or increased “flexibility”) of the workforce. In the developed world, these factors are increasing inequality by holding down wages and conditions at the bottom while raising them at the top.” Many college graduates are working shifts as uber and lyft drivers, while working at unpaid internships or other part-time work. These jobs do not provide long-term security, growth, or benefits. So while the unemployment rate in the US taken alone paints an optimistic picture - I wonder if that’s because we are just looking at the wrong measures. To what extent has this consideration impacted your selection of a major/minor in college?