Gig Economy

The modern shift to a Gig Economy is the idea of these companies employing workers not as official employees (with all the benefits) but under the label of 'contractor'. The California bill would require start-ups to hire workers as employees if they are doing normal operational work for the company - and thus be paid minimum wage, have insurance, etc. - however, this could impact workers abilities to have a flexible job and work multiple jobs (ie be a Lyft, Uber, and DoorDash driver simultaneously). 

Additionally, "Savage said his contractors currently average $47 to $71 per hour, plus tips. But if the state forces GoShare to reclassify these workers as contractors, he might have to reduce the hourly pay" to account for overhead costs of considering these workers as employees.

What are the trade-offs and how will they impact students? Healthcare is a benefit for the family and child. But having a parent(s) that can set their own schedule and thus be involved in a child's school life also have benefits. Additionally, there is a pure financial consideration of pay? In what respect will a student be affected the most?