Getting Tried As an Adult

In the State of Michigan, courts can try a citizen for a crime as an adult at the age of 17 (,4585,7-240-44299-160950--,00.html). This has been a very controversial issue in the State of Michigan as many people oppose this law and think the age cutoff is too young. In the past in Michigan, the age was even younger and many teenagers are still in prison for crimes they committed years ago. If you are interested in learning more about these specific stories and the law please check out this link... ( 

People who argue against the law believe this age is way too young for a variety of reasons. One being at the age of 17, the brain is still developing and kids still make decisions without considering the consequences. In addition, at the age of 17, you can be tried as an adult, but can still not legally drink alcohol or make a lot of major life decisions that adults make.

I am bringing this issue to the caucus because I am curious what everybody thinks about the current law. Some questions I ask you to consider when responding... What do you think the government can do to modify the law to make it fairer? Should some crimes be tried as an adult while less violent ones should still be tried as a minor?