Gates Annual Letter Surprise #5: You can learn a lot about processing your anger from teenage boys


This year, Bill and Melinda Gates' Annual Letter was comprised of 9 things they had been surprised to discover or learn about in 2018. These topics range from issues of data sexism to premature birth, however, I wanted to bring to light their 5th surprise which speaks about the ability for young men to understand and process anger. In short, the Gates had visited a state prison and spoken with a handful of inmates. Despite many of them having committed violent crimes, the Gates had incredibly pleasant interactions with the inmates. Afterwards, the Gates realized many of the inmates felt as though they were good people who had, unfortunately, gotten mixed up in a bad group and during a heated moment made a terrible decision that they wish they could undo. The article goes on to speak about programs that work with young men in neighborhoods with high crime rates and gang activity, actively helping them with their impulse control and processing of emotions. Do you believe this is the most affective way to combat violent crime within young men? Can you think of any other ways to combat violent crime in youth? Bill also goes on to speak about how there might be a potential use for these programs outside of these neighborhoods. Do you think schools or even companies should offer similar programs -- to a lesser extent -- for individuals who are seeking help processing their emotions?