Controversy Strikes Fox News

Fox News show host Jeanine Pirro has been stuck in the middle of controversy regarding statements that she made regarding U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar’s patriotism. Pirro opened her show stating that one of the first two Muslim women in congress may not support the constitution due to wearing a hijab. Following this show, Fox News decided to pull her show from its usual time slot over the weekend. This sparked controversy with President Trump, which many people speculate is because Pirro often comes to the president’s defense. On Sunday, President Trump transcribed a tweet expressing his support for Pirro. Many people consider this to be one of the many examples of the president turning a blind eye to hate speech. This also comes shortly after the mosque shooting in New Zealand. It seems as though the president is setting an example for people around the world that it is okay to engage in hate speech or hate crimes. What do you think about the president’s actions? Do you think that Fox News should do more to ensure that its television hosts are not helping spread hate speech? Do you think that the president is setting an example?