A foundation for a Michigan officer killed in the line of duty is paying off lunch debt at his former school


A police office named Colin Rose was shot in the head during a traffic stop at Wayne State University in 2016. He was only 29. In response his friends and family have struggled to cope, but with the third anniversary of his death people close to him found it to be fitting to pay nearly 600 students' lunch debt at his former school. According to the president of the Officer Collin Rose Memorial Foundation, who was Collin Rose's best friend, "Rose loved kids so the decision was an easy one." Although the backstory maybe grim, I believe this article sheds a positive light on the issues surrounding law enforcement and their relationships with their communities. This is obviously a tremendous act of kindness but what do you think of the concept of lunch debt for students? Should students at public schools be given free lunch? Should free lunch only be provided at certain public schools or does that allow for discrimination?