Formal proposals due March 17

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Formal Proposals

The MSC schedule is moving along quickly. UM students, welcome back from break -- you should be posting regularly again starting today.


Your first draft of the formal proposal is due next Sunday, March 17. This work entails taking your potential solutions and choosing one or combining them to create a solution that will best address the needs of your persona, in a way that is creative, feasible, and effective. Then you will need to flesh out the details of how your proposal will actually work in practice, including (this is important) how it will be funded.

Consultations should be done by then as well. For examples of what the formal proposal section can look like, please see last fall’s MSC platform. By March 17 you should have something in all of the sections at the bottom of the document under FORMAL PROPOSAL. Keep in mind that your proposal is a work in progress -- post what you have, with the expectation that you will be revising as you go along.

Also note that proposal check-in appointments continue through Wednesday (March 13)  -- even if you checked in before the break, feel free to talk with us again.


Please continue to comment constructively on other people’s proposals, and participate in free-standing discussions in ways that help you or are relevant to other people’s proposals.


MSC Hearing Chair and tentative date

We are pleased to announce that Representative Sarah Anthony (representing the Lansing area) will be our new legislative chair for the MSC hearing. We haven’t yet been able to confirm the hearing date, but we are aiming for the morning of Wednesday, April 24.